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Al Gore’s Habits of Success

al goreBy any definition, Al Gore, has led a successful life; from serving as Vice President of the United States to winning the Noble Peace Prize for his efforts in environmental activism, he has accomplished quite a bit in his life, and has now amassed quite a bit of wealth on top of it all. However, pinpointing what has led him to such great political and financial success is difficult. Let’s examine the habits that make Al Gore who he is.

  • Working long days can take a toll on anyone, so like many successful people before him, Gore makes time each day at 3:00pm to go for a run, unwinding and de-stressing as his feet pound away the miles.
  • Often referred to as “the man with the slideshows”, Gore seems to love pontificating- accompanied by his slides of course. Perhaps all the better to make his point?
  • A career in politics and trying to save the Earth from climate disaster could make anyone aggressively serious. However, reporters and aides alike talk of a penchant for self-deprecating humor- perhaps an attempt to lighten the mood?
  • Perhaps not surprisingly for an environmentalist, Gore is not completely happy with the water in his home so he had a water softening system installed.
  • Keeping fit is important to the former Vice President, so in addition to his daily runs, and the occasional basketball game or hike, he tries to eat a healthy, clean diet and- whether it is for his waistline or the environment- Gore has recently adopted a vegan diet. Rumour has it that like many fitness enthusiasts he likes Elliptical trainers such as the body rider elliptical.
  • Like many successful people before him, Gore appears to be an early bird, rising with the sun to start his day of saving Earth.
  • Whether it is a book or a blog, Gore spends hours each day immersed in his favorite hobby- writing.
  • There is one thing that the former statesman seems to be unable to do- taking it easy and slowing down. Between running his NGO, sitting on the board of Apple, being highly involved with his two investment firms, offering consulting services and delivering numerous speeches, he remains busy- perhaps looking to save the world according to close friends.
  • Although he is now out of the harsh Vice Presidential spotlight, you are not likely to find Gore in sweat pants and a t-shirt, unless he is exercising. Believing in the importance of appearance, polos and khakis are about as casual as he goes.
  • Despite his success and vast wealth, Gore does not travel by private, or even corporate, planes most of the time. He tends to fly commercial and in fact seems to favor budget friendly Southwest Airlines.
  • Family is important to Gore so in the small window of time where he is not working and traveling, he spends much of his time with his children and has been known to spend lavishly, such as for his daughter’s wedding.

Will modeling your life after Al Gore’s example lead you to great success as well? Perhaps so, if you have the dedication and drive to put in the same long hours and effort that he has.

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How Al Gore Maintains His Yard

How does Al Gore maintain his yardAl Gore is a prominent figure in American politics who has put countless projects into action to benefit not only the American people, but also the rest of the world. Among his greatest accomplishments is the award winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, where he dwells on the topic of climate change and what we can do to stop it. Anyone who knows the man will say that his intentions were heartfelt; anyone who sees the man’s home will say that he really does care about the environment and his pristine lawn is evidence of that.

This former Vice President boasts one of the best lawns on American soil today which just goes to prove his role as an avid environmentalist working hard to fight against the reality of climate change. How exactly does Al Gore maintain his yard? Read through these very convenient truths of garden upkeep.

How Al Gore Maintains His Yard

1. Constant Cutting and Clipping

According to GreenThumb, One of the main reasons why gardens and lawns become so unsightly is because homeowners fail to perform regular clipping, cutting, and mowing. Overgrown gardens aren’t only unpleasant to look at, but they also become the breeding ground for pests, perils, and other potential dangers. Al Gore maintains his yard looking clean and pristine by putting a constant cutting schedule into action using a lawn mower. By trimming the grass and plants when they start to grow too much, he is able to keep the garden at a reasonable thickness.

2. Use of Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

Your garden is a part of the environment after all, and when you use dangerous pesticides and chemicals that claim to help and foster the growth of plants, you might find yourself doing more harm than good. It’s important to make sure that whatever you put on your lawn is organic, natural, and free of harmful components. Make sure you read labels and research products before you buy them or use them to ensure that your garden gets nothing but the best care.

3. Regular Pest Control

You would be surprised at just how many potential pests can and most probably do exist in your garden or lawn. These insects and bugs can sap the life out of your garden, so make sure you perform regular pest control checks and removal to keep your lawn healthy and green. Watch out for the early warning signs of pest infestation and remove them immediately as soon as you detect them.

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