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Fashion Designer John Galliano Stripped of Award

handbagThe fashion designer John Galliano has lost his Legion d’Honneur (highest civilian award in France) nearly a year after being convicted for racist offences. The French president, Francois Hollande finally revoked the award after Galliano was fined around $8000 and sacked from his role as artistic boss for the Dior fashion house.

Galliano was found guilty of being anti-Semitic at his bar in Paris. He abused a museum curator called Geraldine Bloch because she was Jewish and also had strong racist words for her friend of South African origin.

The anti-Semitism doesn’t stop there, in another incident the fashion designer is shown on video declaring his adoration for Adolf Hitler and dislike for Jewish people.

Galliano denied he was a racist and claims he had no memory of the incidents, blaming them on drug and alcohol addictions. This is no excuse in court however, and many people will point to the saying “a drunk man’s words, are a sober man’s thoughts”.

The fashion designer, has kept himself out of the limelight since the conviction. He is originally from Gibraltar but he may be considering a move to Los Angeles. It is likely that he will find it hard to get away from controversy no matter where he lives.