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Lexmark to Focus on Laser Printer Market after Leaving the Inkjet Business

inkjet printerAfter Lexmark’s decision to quit the inkjet printing game many people have been wondering whether this is because Lexmark are struggling or the inkjet market is struggling. Well, it appears to be the latter, consumer inkjet printers are selling particularly badly with the evolution of social networking and the trend for sharing photos online rather than printing.

Lexmark vice president Marty Canning has confirmed that current owners of Lexmark inkjet printers will still receive support and be able to receive supplies. They do not plan on cutting short the value that customers will receive from their devices, in fact he said support will be provided throughout the warranty period and “most likely well beyond.” However Canning was not willing to comment on its relationship with Dell, who source inkjet printer technology from Lexmark. Nobody is sure if support will be available for those Dell printers.

As for Lexmark’s laser printer business, things seem to be going very well. Canning says the laser business is growing consistently and it has been important to adapt to the latest trends. He believes the online trend has produced growth in mobile printing and cloud printing.

Time will only tell if Lexmark has made the right decision but many experts are predicting it to be a good move as shown by the increase in the company’s share price.