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What are the Best Speakers for Campaign Rallies?

We are now living in an era of resistance. Since US President Trump has ascended to power, more people have become inspired to take on his evil plans. Just a day after his inauguration, women (with the support of men), marched in order to show solidarity. They have rebuked Trump and his policies.

After the successful Women’s March, several other marches took place. These included marches for science, environment and the release of the president’s tax returns. No one thought the resistance movement would be this huge. In fact, during the women’s march, several plans were canceled due to the overwhelming number of people who have come to support the cause.

As a result of these huge numbers, more preparations have to be done. Certain venues that used to be the place for small rallies are no longer possible. Permits to protest on the street are not that effective anymore. Bigger venues are now considered especially for huge rallies.

Marching is just one of the many aspects of the rallies against the president. There are also speeches on stage and performances to keep the people going. Otherwise, they would just walk and go home.

The need for high-quality equipment

Most rally organizers have spent so much time thinking of how they can reach out to a lot of people who have gone out of their way to join the rallies. This is why they have invested on stage equipment. The usual sound system used for small rallies is no longer sufficient. There should be equipment that would allow hundreds upon thousands of people to hear what is going on.

Some organizers even consider using the best sound bars for TV. They are perfect for huge settings. They can help amplify the sounds to allow more people to hear the audio clearly. They are also portable. Even if there are different venues to stage protests, this equipment can be easily brought.

Be a part of the change

More people are inspired to take a stance against the president. He has done nothing but to put the country to shame. These movements should also inspire you to do your share. There are people organizing these movements. The least that you can do is to take part in the rallies. If you are too busy to go out of your way, donate to certain organizations. Let them know that you support their cause. Help campaign for local government officials that you think will help pull down a crazy sitting president.

There are a lot of ways for you to be more involved in this difficult time. You can be an agent of change if you decide to. We have already given this president a chance to prove his worth, but he keeps on embarrassing himself. He can continue doing what he thinks is right, but you can always find a way to stop him. The combined voices of the people will surely effect changes in this society. Resistance is needed now, more than ever.

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4 Reasons Why Al Gore Lost the 2000 Presidential Election

al-goreFormer Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States on June 16, 1999, and proceeded to become the Democratic Party nominee for the 2000 presidential election on August 17, 2000. On the day of the presidential election, November 7, 2000, Gore’s opponent, George W. Bush, narrowly won the electoral college vote of 271 to 266. Here are the top 4 reasons why Gore lost to Bush in the highly controversial 2000 United States presidential election.

Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

If the presidential election was determined by popular vote, Gore would’ve won the election because he received 540,000 more popular votes than Bush. Unfortunately for Mr. Gore, the presidential election is determined by electoral college vote, an odd system but the strategy here is to devote more resources (aka campaign money) to the “swing” states. Swing states are smaller states that are cheaper to advertise and establish field offices. Because of how close the results were, the winner of the 2000 presidential elections were not announced until after a month of recounts and court challenges were pursued. Ultimately the Supreme Court decided, on a vote of 5 to 4, that George W Bush won the election over Gore, by securing 537 more popular votes in the state of Florida.

The Clinton Scandal

Former President Clinton’s scandal and subsequent impeachment stuck with Al Gore throughout his presidential campaign. Furthermore, Clinton never gave Gore the spotlight, rather, speaking of his own accomplishments instead, giving people the impression that Clinton didn’t believe Gore had what it takes to lead the country. In the end, some of the public felt that Gore wasn’t “alpha dog” enough for their vote.

The Debates

Although judges declared Gore the winner of the presidential debates (as he should, being an Ivy League debater), the majority of the public sympathized with Bush. Bush’s southern speaking style made him a favorite among middle-class American, who identified with him. Also, because the media attacked Bush’s intelligence prior to the debates, he exceeded everyone’s expectations and impressed a lot of people.


It’s no secret that running for President of the United States is a highly stressful time of planning, travelling, media, and giving speeches. With all that needs to be thought about during the day, it’s hard for presidential candidates to get a good night’s sleep. Gore was no exception. If Gore would’ve invested in a good mattress and got sufficient sleep to recharge for the next day, he probably would’ve won the 2000 presidential elections.